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Our National Competitive Travel Team will be traveling to the 2017 ROX National Championship in Georgia!

Save the dates: 7/26-7/30


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Don't take our word for it---here is just what one parent has to say about High Velocity Beach Club:


"Last year my daughter played competitive beach volleyball for the first time. She absolutely fell in love with it and now wants to play through college. The coaches at High Velocity were great! They taught her without discouraging her. There was never any drama on this team and all the families were great. The coaches are also very knowledgeable and helpful for us as parents too. They have and are still helping us to get our daughter noticed by colleges, by educating us parents. We are all excited to get back on the beach. It is so much fun!! Thanks HV!!

~Kara S. 16's Parent


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NEW!!! 3/7/17


With the 2017 beach season quickly creeping up...

High Velocity Beach Club is expanding our coaching team!


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We are currently hiring quality experienced coaches to become apart of the High Velocity family for the 2017 Beach Club season! If you are a dedicated, hardworking coach who would like to join a dynamic professional organization and to make an impact on the lives of young people---We would LOVE to hear from you!  


 If you would like to take athletes from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY...


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2017 Here We Come!!


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High Velocity is focusing just on BEACH Volleyball...


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We have completely transitioned our club

to a BEACH-ONLY Club!!


2017 will bring even MORE excitement to the beach game---we are currently training beach-only athletes in the sand, helping them get recruited & finalizing what our 2017 Beach Club season will look like!!

        Fourth HV Competitive Beach Weekend:           July 25-26, 2015

The fourth weekend into High Velocity's Beach Competitive season was once again a HUGE success! All the hard-work that these teams are putting into their training week after week is SERIOUSLY paying off!


July 25, 2015 we had 3 teams competing in the AAU North Ave Beach Ball at North Ave Beach Chicago, IL!


'15 3rd Place AAU North Ave Beach Ball

Our 14's Eske/Lauria team ROCKED the house in the 14 OPEN division as they dug every ball, sided out strongly & served not looking back with a 5-1 pool play record---taking 1st advancing them into GOLD. Breezed through quarter finals & fought hard as Alyssa was fighting an ankle injury coming up short in semi finals--earning their 3rd place medal & an overall record of 6-2!! Way to fight through it all!

2015 5th place AAU North Ave Beach Ball

Our 14's Dannhoff/Lorincz Beach Competitive Team really had a great showing at the AAU event---competing in 14 club they DOMINATED pool play as they dug everything, sided out consistently, great teamwork & served tough...leaving their mark with an UNDEFEATED pool play record of 4-0!! They rolled through quarter finals & lost with a small margin in semi finals--taking 5th with an overall record of 501! Way to REPRESENT High Velocity Beach Club PROUDLY!


July 26, 2015


On July 26, 2015 our High Velocity Competitive Teams competed in the ROX Series Tournament in Chicago, IL! We had two of our teams compete & we SWEPT the tournament!! We had an EXTREMELY strong showing!


Stay tuned for updates...

2015 1st place CHAMPIONS ROX Series

TEAM OF THE WEEK: July 27, 2015

High Velocity Team of The Week

WOW!! Help us CONGRATULATE our 14's Eske/Lauria Competitive Beach Team!! They truly are ON TOP OF THE WORLD! They are undeniably the most decorated HV Beach Team so far this season! They consistently DOMINATE the competition scene wherever our teams compete---they have brought home 3-1st place Tournament CHAMPIONS, 3-3rd place GOLD finishes & 1-7th place GOLD finish!! Plus, a bid to the 2015 EVP Chicago Pro Am National Championship & 2 bids to the 2015 ROX Series Nationals in Florida! To date, their overall tournament match record is 42-11!! Not only do they have a winning record, but they have great ball control, are smart with their shots, are awesome confident leaders, positive role models & great mentors to all! 


SUPER STOKED to see what the rest of the season brings & how many more medals & awards our competitive teams add to their case! Best of luck ladies! Stay tuned...

          Third HV Competitive Beach Weekend:          July 17-19, 2015

SUPER EXCITED to announce the results for our 3rd competitive weekend for our competitive beach teams!!


The WI Jr's Night in The Light Tournament brought much succes for our club! We had 4 teams compete & all teams represented well!


2015 2nd place Night In The Lights Quads

Our 18's Eske/Towne/Levene/Stevenson Quads team had a BLAST competing! They really represented HV well in their consistent wins!! They went 4-2 in pool and went head to head with our 14's Eske/Lauria team in semi-finals! They came out just ahead to compete in finals! They took 2nd overall!

Record 6-3! 

2015 3rd Place Night In The Lights

Our 14's Eske/Lauria Quads Beach Team competed in the 18's division & proven successful! They dominated the pool play scene with a 5-1 record! They won quarter finals & went head to head with our 18's Eske/Towne/Levene team in semi's just shy of winning! Took 3rd and had an overall record of 6-2!

2015 3rd Place Night In The Lights

Our 10/14's Courchane/Rossing/Swenski/Zeller Quads Beach Team competed in the 14's division! This is an amazing group of athletes! Way to fight through pool play with a 4-2 record! Won quaterfinals, but just lost shy of winning semi-finals! Took home 3rd with a 5-3 record! They represented HV with great leadership & teamwork! Way to ROCK ladies!!

July 18, 2015

2015 High Velocity Competitive Teams @ AAU Beach Ball

On July 18, 2015 at the AAU North Ave Beach Ball, in Chicago, IL, we had 3 teams compete. During this event the wind was brutal---our teams are not used to playing in these elements, but we did well adjusting & learned LOTS as the day went on! We were able to put into play what we have been talking about all season, but now was able to actually put in action...most of all the teams still had FUN! All teams were able to take away some lessons to make them successful throughout the season! It's not all about the record or medal, but what you can take away from the experience---Way to be ladies :)


July 19, 2015


Four of our HV competitive Beach Teams competed in the USAV Windy City Qualifier at Montrose Beach, Chicago, IL!

2015 7th place USAV Windy City Open
Our 14's Eske/Lauria was extremely successful through pool play with consistency in siding out, passing, tough serves & great teamwork---with a record 3-1 advancing them to GOLD playoffs! They were the only team that advanced. They took 7th with an overall record 3-2. 

TEAM OF THE WEEK: July 20, 2015

High Velocity Team of The Week

Our 10's/14's Courchane/Rossing/Swenski/Zeller Quads Competitive Team is the up & coming athletes in High Velocity's Competitive Beach Club! They brought much consistency to the court including their leadership & as the night went on they crew more & more in skills one play at a time! This team is comprised of 2 10 year olds that don't let anything stop them & the other half of the team are great mentors! These athletes compliment each other well not only in talent, but also in being extremely coachable & putting all advice given in action---making adjustments allowing them to be successful repeatedly & it payed off with a 3rd place Gold finish!

        Second HV Competitive Beach Weekend:           July 10, 2015

High Velocity's second competition weekend was another success!!  We had 3 teams compete in the 2015 Waupaca Boatride National Quads Grass Tournament! All teams finished in GOLD & came out on the top! SO proud ladies---way to represent! Help us CONGRATULATE our teams!


2015 3rd place Waupaca Grass Tournament

Our 14's Alyssa Eske/Shea Lauria's Triple Grass Team DOMINATED the competition scene again! Their strong serving, consistent serve-receive, and all their kills earned them a record of 8-0 in pool play---in GOLD they came head to head with High Velocity's own Griffith/Dannhoff/Lorincz/Nustad Quads Team both teams fought hard with Eske/Lauria coming out on top! Took 3rd place in GOLD with an overall record of 10-2!


2015 5th Place Waupaca Grass Quads Tournament

Our 14's Griffith/Dannhoff/Lorincz/Nustad Quads Grass Team competed in their FIRST ever outdoor competition!! They really stepped it up to fight hard through pool play with consistent serves, solid setting & strong kills earning them second in pool play---in GOLD playoffs went head to head with High Velocity's own Eske/Lauria just falling short to them. Finishing with a 5th place WIN! Overall record of 6-3!


2015 2nd place in Gold Waupaca Quads Grass

Our 18's Kalin Eske/Morgan Towne's Quad Grass Team served strongly, made solid plays to earn a record of 7-1 in pool play putting them first in their pool to compete in GOLD---they fought hard through to finals! Bringing home a 2nd place WIN with an overall 7-2 for the day! 

TEAM OF THE WEEK: July 12, 2015

High Velocity Team of The Week

Our 18's Eske/Towne Team in the very first two weekends of competition has continued to DOMINATE the beach scene! In the first three events they have taken home one 1st place Tournament CHAMPION, two 2nd place Gold wins---resulting in two bids: 1 to EVP Chicago National Chmapionships & 1 to ROX National Championship in Florida!!


SUPER STOKED to see what the rest of the season brings & how many more medals they add to their case!!  Best of ladies!

Stay tuned...

           First HV Competitive Beach Weekend:           July 4-5, 2015

WOW...Isn't even the best word to describe our extremely successful opener weekend for our 2015 Beach Club!! We are awe struck on the amazing success our teams had!

Not only did we WIN many sets & matches, but all teams either met or exceeded their goals they had set! Way to be ladies!

2015 14's Tournament CHAMPIONS at EVP Firecracker

Our 14's Alyssa Eske/Shea Lauria Team had an amazing showing going UNDEFEATED with a 4-0 finish making them Tournament CHAMPIONS at the EVP Firecracker Pro Am at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee! Earning a bid to the Chicago Pro Am Championship!

2015 18's 2nd place finish at EVP Firecracker

Our 18's Kalin Eske/Morgan Towne Team worked it out with a 2nd place finish at the EVP Firecracker Pro Am at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee! Earning a bid to the Chicago Pro Am Championship!

July 5, 2015 


At the ROX VB Series Tournament in Lisle, IL our High Velocity Beach Teams had an even stronger showing...we had 4 teams representing & represent they did...landing all 4 teams in the GOLD bracket playoffs!!


2015 10's 2nd place ROX VB Series

Our 10's Rachel Rossing/Ryleigh Zeller Team fought their way through playing up in the 14's divsion & fight they did!! Strong serves & persistence propelled these two! Competing for the first time ever in sand...and finished 2nd in their GOLD bracket 12's final!!

Then we had our next 3 teams battle for their deserved WINS...

2015 14's ROX Series Tournament CHAMPIONS!

Our 14's Alyssa Eske/Shea Lauria Team once again with amazing digs & phenomenal teamwork took 1st in their pool landing them in the GLOD bracket  & fought hard almost falling to High Velocity's own Courchane/Swenski in semi-finals & pulling off the win in the finals against Cyclones with an overall finish 6-1 for the day...being crowned Tournament Champions!! Earning a bid to the ROX Series National Championship in Flordia!!


2015 14's ROX Series 3rd place GOLD!

Our 14's Samantha Courchane/Maria Swenski Team competing in their first ever beach competition made amazing strides & with precise ball control made the GOLD Bracket & battled against High Velocity's own Eske/Lauria in Semi-finals almost wining taking home 3rd place for the club! Earning a bid to the ROX Series National Championship in Florida!!


2015 18's ROX Series Tournament CHAMPIONS!

Our 18's Kalin Eske/Morgan Towne Team really pulled it all together! Incredible teamwork, their hustle in the sand, precise passing & their shots they made allowing them to side out consistently! Landing them a GOLD Bracket spot! With an UNDEFEATED record of 5-0 crowning them the tournament CHAMPIONS! Earning a bid to the ROX VB Series National Championship in Florida!


TEAM OF THE WEEK: July 6, 2015

High Velocity team of The Week

Our 14's Eske/Lauria team swept BOTH of their competitions during our opening weekend!! Two tournament GOLD 1st place Tournament CHAMPIONS & 2 National bids--this team is unstoppable! We are excited to what is yet to come!

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Look for exciting happenings posted throughout the season!!