Customized Private/Small Group Lessons


Interested in private 1 on 1 lessons or small group lessons??


Each position requires a set of unique skills & we are here to push you to the next level which will allow you to stand out & be EXTRAORIDINARY! 


If you feel you need all round tweaking of your skills we also are here to make that happen---our sessons can also be tailored to ALL SKILLS!


Would you like to set yourself apart from the rest---putting more hours in the gym training & getting more touches on the ball in a smaller setting will help you achieve those goals!!


All athletes, regardless of club affiliation, are welcome to contact our staff for private lessons!


 Small group lessons consists of a maximum of 4 athletes!!!


1 on 1 lessons is $60.00/hr

group of 2 athletes $50.00/hr per girl

group of 4 athletes $40.00/hr per girl


Lessons coached by Tom and Angie Eske


ALL customized private 1 on 1 lessons & small group lessons are solely run by Tom & Angie and NOT High Velocity VBC of WI


Cash or checks will be accepted payable to Angie Eske


Forms that are needed are the Medical Form, Concussion Form & Badger Region Membership Card.  All forms are found here


Interested??  Please inquire