Why High Velocity?



High Velocity Volleyball Club of Wisconsin was founded in 2012 by Tom and Angie Eske along with their three daughters Kalin, Alyssa and Kiley.  We created the club, because we feel our knowledge of the game and the successful coaching careers we have had have well prepared us to take our coaching to the next level, our own daughters' desiring more out of their own club experiences and the overwhelming support and response from our players and parents. The club is being driven by what we, as coaches, and our own daughters are desiring, as well as, what our past players and parents are looking for in their club experience. Our club is built off of our philosophies of the importance of our players learning the fundamentals of the game, perfecting what they have learned and building off of it to be successful, giving them the tools necessary to work fluidly on the court, team building, team bonding and incorporating leadership skills are all an intricate part of our club and what we stand for! We are tremendously excited to take on this endeavor and well prepared to meet the bends in the road that we might face!  We welcome everyone to explore what we have to offer this club season!


 Mission Statement


High Velocity Volleyball Club of WI is dedicated to developing highly motivated female and male players into high level athletes with strong fundamental skill sets.  High Velocity will provide a dedicated coaching staff that will ensure intense practices jam-packed with drill sets, conditioning, and an emphasis on individual skill development within a strong team orientation. High Velocity will provide competition for their players at the local, regional and national level.  


Our Philosophy 


High Velocity VBC of WI will train our players 2 days a week.  During these practices the importance of our players learning the fundamentals of the game, perfecting what they have learned which will give them the ability to build off of it to be successful, and the tools necessary to work fluidly on the court.  Team building, team bonding and incorporating leadership skills are all an intricate part of our club resulting in a fun exhilarating experience. We will teach the importance of hard work, dedication and commitment resulting in an appreciation and love for the game. Mental toughness and believing in oneself will be emphasized which will lead to a winning attitude on and off the court---empowering them to be EXTRAORDINARY!


Our focus with our coaching staff will be to develop and promote the educational advancement of all in all aspects of the game. Our dedicated coaching staff will run tight and regimented practices to MAXIMIZE the girls' skill potential, using every moment as a teachable moment to ensure we exceed excellence!


High Velocity Beach will provide a wide range of competition which will include local, regional (out of state tournaments), and larger 2-3 day tournaments. Beach National Championships will be a part of the club experience! 


High Velocity has the serious athlete in mind---the opportunities for an athlete are endless with High Velocity!!  We will get your athlete NOTICED!!  


High Velocity VBC will provide social functions club-wide and will also encourage and stress the importance of individual team social functions on a regular basis to ensure team bonding resulting in continuity on the court, gelling of team members on and off the court and longtime friendships!


Open communication lines are essential and crucial not only amongst the directors of the club, the coaching staff and the players, but also keeping them open with the parents---creating a positive working relationship and a sound foundation for our club family ensuring a fun and successful club experience.   


A High Velocity player is an athlete who: 


  • ALWAYS keeps a positive attitude
  • Is COACHABLE---one who can accept it & doesn't take it personally
  • Always desires to improve---using EVERY moment as a learning moment!!
  • Is 100% COMMITTED to attend all practices, tournaments & team bonding/social events
  • Has team SPIRIT, supports and respects fellow teammates, coaches, officials, opponents & parents
  • Always works hard & strives to be the best they can be---GIVING 110%!
  • Never says "I can't"
  • DOESN'T settle for being average---always reaches HIGHER!
  • One who possesses MENTAL TOUGHNESS---believing in oneself!
  • Has PASSION & a love for the game 
  • Has a desire to want to WIN---a go-getter attitude!!
  • Who shows positive emotion & is not afraid to CELEBRATE their accomplishments! 
  • Gets to KNOW her team & coaches
  • Wants to WORK hard, PLAY hard & have a BLAST as a TEAM!


We are very excited for the 2022 beach volleyball season to begin! We highly encourage any girl and boy interested in playing for High Velocity Beach Club to join us this summer! We look forward to seeing you in the sand!!