2022 High Velocity Beach Club Coaching Team

We are VERY excited to announce our coaching team for the 2022 Beach club season!!


We have an extremely qualified team of coaches as part of our club who are ready to train, and mold our players into dynamic athletes. We will run tight and regimented practices to MAXIMIZE the girls' skill potential that will include teaching all athletes the fundamentals of the game, perform many reps with each skill to perfect each aspect, use every moment as a teachable moment, extensive conditioning to attain well-rounded athletes and to ensure we exceed excellence! We promise we will ALWAYS foster all players to reach for the stars and exceed all players' expectations! We strongly believe in team building and leadership skills which will be stressed throughout the club experience---it has been proven that it works and it is the difference between being EXTRAORDINARY vs. ordinary!! We are well prepared to take on the challenges we face to create a positive experience and a winning season! If your daughter oe son is ready to take their volleyball game to the next level, wants to have a FUN exhilarating season & walk away with lasting friendships we welcome them to explore the opportunities we have available for them this next season!


We are SUPER STOKED to retain all of our High Velocity coaches from last season!